TSV Maccabi Multifunctional Open-Air Sports Hall

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Kai Otto Architekten supported the TSV Maccabi München sports club in planning and constructing a multifunctional open-air sports hall in Trudering.

The single-storey roofed sports hall was constructed on the premises of a former tennis court. The hall is a combination of a sports field and a sports hall so that open-air training is possible all year round.

The pitch measuring 30 x 15 metres is ideal for playing hockey, tennis, football and volleyball with its silica sand and artificial turf ground.

Since Maccabi organizes outstanding activities for young people and encourages children from different national and religious backgrounds to spend time together, Kai Otto Architekten donated 100% of our fees to the sports club.

TSV Maccabi Multifunctional Open-Air Sports Hall

TSV Maccabi München e.V.

Planning period: 2016

Construction period: 2016