Refurbishment of a former 'Mutterhaus' for clinical use

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The 'Mutterhaus der Barmherzigen Schwestern' in Munich is currently being energy efficiency refurbished and reconstructed for clinical and administrative use for the university clinic Munich. The former church interior is turned into an conference room. Inexamational and treatment rooms for doctors and psychologists of the outpatient clinic will be set up in the north and south floor of the ground floor. In front of the treatment rooms it will be located a waiting hallway that has a more private atmosphere than the cloister. The main corridors will be designed to serve not only as traffic areas but also as recreation areas.

The project is currently in ongoing operations.

Refurbishment of a former 'Mutterhaus' for clinical use

Munich State Building Office 2

Planning period: 10/2016 - 03/2018
Construction Period: 03/2018 - Ongoing Project
Cost of construction: approx. €20 million

Project team: Peter Helsper, Bärbel Heitzer, Andreas Müller, Anna Storm