Redevelopment of a Primary School at the Gärtnerplatz

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Subject of this planning was the energetic redevelopment of a sports hall and two pavilions on the site of the school complex with primary and special school at the Gärtnerplatz, Munich. The shell of the building has been developed concerning energetic aspects. The interior rooms of the school building have been optimized as for acoustic reasons and modified structurally in accordance to the fire protection requirements.

The three buildings were provided with an entire new metal/glass façade as well as with clinker brickwork with rear insulation. Moreover the rooftops have been renewed and developed energetically. The interior of the two-storied sports hall has been provided with a new acoustic ceiling as well as new protective walls on his front sides. As part of the redevelopment and for optimizing the room acoustics the inner ceilings of the pavilions have been covered with wooden panels and the ceiling of the basement level were provided with insulation. Moreover the sanitary rooms have been redeveloped as well. In each part of the building the floor and wall coverings have been renewed.

The structural alteration took place during ongoing school operation and during holidays.

Redevelopment of a Primary School at the Gärtnerplatz

Client: State Capital Munich, Department for Education and Sports, Planning and Building Department (Project Leader)

Planning Period: 2013 - 2014
Construction Period: 2015 - 2016
Costs: 3,3 mio. EUR
Phase: 2 - 7: Müller-HamannHassenzahl Architekten
Phase: 8 - 9: Kai Otto Architekten
Project Leader: Bärbel Heitzer