Reconstruction of a laboratory floor at the Institute of Biochemistry

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On the occasion of Mrs. Schulman'sappointment as a new director at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried, reconstruction measures were carried out on the ground floor of the building section D which had been refurbished in terms of energy efficiency and fire protection in 2014.

The premises were customized to the specific requirements of research activities, extended and equipped with the latest technology. In this connection, Kai Otto Architekten basically planned all laboratory facilities as well as the extension and redesign of offices and common rooms.

On an area of approx. 1,100 sqm, now there are modern and bright laboratories, single as well as open-plan laboratories, refrigeration as well as cell culture laboratories with specific S2 requirements. Moreover, the offices and the small kitchen were modernised.

Reconstruction of a laboratory floor at the Institute of Biochemistry

Max Planck Society, Munich

Planning period: 2015
Construction period: 2016– 2017

Gerald Koniakowsky (laboratory planning) / Barbara Roussis (interior design)