Structural fire protection refurbishment at the Harlaching Clinic

HARL_kaiotto-2016_E0A4674_w.jpg HARL_kaiotto-2016_E0A4638_w.jpg HARL_kaiotto-2016_E0A4735_w.jpg HARL_kaiotto-2016_E0A4687_w.jpg HARL_kaiotto-2016_E0A4743_w.jpg

The Munich Harlaching Clinic comprises several buildings for different types of medical usage, for specialist departments and administration as well as for technical installations. In the course of the refurbishment, a fire protection upgrade was realized in the building sections A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1 and W1 according to the priorities specified in the existing fire protection concept. This included structural fire protection measures for an extraction of smoke from the relevant staircases as well as an upgrading of the doors including the necessary technical installations as defined in the requirements of the fire protection concept and in line with the user. For the purpose of smoke extraction, in some staircases windows were reconstructed pursuant to heritage requirements and new windows were installed. Moreover, since the fire protection regulations required openable windows at the top of the roof, new roof windows and skylights were installed. The reconstruction works were carried out while the clinic remained fully operational.

Subsequently, a status evaluation was performed in the building sections A1, A2 and D concerning further structural as well as technical fire protection measures. The requirements of the fire protection concepts were compared with the existing standard of the respective building sections. Thereupon, a catalogue of measures including cost evaluation was prepared which also defined the respective necessity and urgency of additional renovation measures.

Structural fire protection refurbishment at the Harlaching Clinic

Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH

Planning period: 2013– 2014

Construction period: 2014– 2015

Cost of construction: approx. €2.1 million

Project manager:
Kristina Jendrowiak