Structural fire protection of the Harlaching Clinic Munich

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The building complexe of the Harlaching Clinic Munich is divided into several buildings with different medical uses and specialist departments as well as administration and technology. In the building sections A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1 and W1, a fire protection upgrade was carried out according to priorities from the existing fire protection concept. The measure comprised fire protection relevant construction measures for the smoke extraction of the necessary staircases, as well as the upgrading of the doors with the necessary building services installations according to the requirements of the fire protection concept and coordination with the user. In order to dissipate smoke, the windows in some stairwells were re-equipped and new windows installed in accordance with monument specifications. In accordance with fire protection regulations, roof windows and skylight domes were also installed at the top of the staircases as a necessary open area. The construction project were carried out while the clinic was in operation.

Subsequently, an inventory was carried out in components A1, A2 and D with regard to structural and technical fire protection for further measures. The requirements of the fire protection concepts were compared with the actual existing qualities of the respective components. A catalogue of measures with cost evaluation and with regard to the necessity and urgency of the renovation measures to be carried out was then drawn up.

Structural fire protection of the Harlaching Clinic Munich


Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH

Planning: 2013-2014

Construction period: 2014-2015

Costs: approx. 2,1 Mio. EUR

Project Leader: Kristina Jendrowiak