Modernisation of a private ward at the Clinic for Psychiatry

KRAE_160317-kaiotto-mpi_E0A2733_w.jpg KRAE_160317-kaiotto-mpi_E0A2727_w.jpg KRAE_160404-kaiotto-mpi_E0A3352_w.jpg KRAE_160404-kaiotto-mpi_E0A3357_w.jpg KRAE_160404-kaiotto-mpi_E0A3333_w.jpg

The corridor area of the private ward 1 at the Max Planck Clinic for Psychiatry was refurbished and new common areas were integrated. In close coordination with the user and also in compliance with fire protection regulations, Kai Otto Architekten designed various lighting and furnishing concepts.

The modern ceiling lighting as well as the pictures highlighted by ceiling spots brighten up the formerly dark corridor area and create a pleasant environment for patients and staff. The old ceiling panels were replaced by a new drywall ceiling. At both ends of the corridors, new common areas were integrated for patients as well as for their visitors. In front of the ward entrance near the staircase, a new seating area was installed which serves as a rest area and as a waiting zone.

Modernisation of a private ward at the Clinic for Psychiatry

Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry

Planning period: 2015
Construction period: 2015 – 2016

Work phases: 1 – 9

Project managers:
Tanja Fröse, Bärbel Heitzer