Redevelopment Driver Administration Bus Depot Munich East

BUS_swm_kaiotto_muenchen_IJ_150209_0130_w.jpg BUS_swm_kaiotto_muenchen_IJ_150209_0145_w.jpg BUS_swm_kaiotto_muenchen_IJ_150209_0137_w.jpg BUS_swm_kaiotto_muenchen_IJ_150209_0009_w.jpg BUS_swm_kaiotto_muenchen_IJ_150209_0053_w.jpg BUS_swm_kaiotto_muenchen_IJ_150209_0081_w.jpg BUS_swm_kaiotto_muenchen_IJ_150209_0080_w.jpg

Kai Otto Architects has been given the task by the Municipal Utilities to plan the redevelopment of an administration building for drivers on the site of the bus depot Munich east. The administration building for the drivers has been redeveloped concerning newest energetic requirements. The planning included the energetic redevelopment of the facades and the windows as well as the extension of the entrance, furthermore it includes the designing of new rescue routes, building in shower rooms on the basement level and the reorganization of some parts of the ground level.

For energetic purposes and to minimize the loss of heat in winter as well as overheating during the summer period the exterior walls of the building have been covered with a thermal insulation system. Additionally, KOA designed a concept for overnight cooling.

Due to the fact that the project has to be realized during ongoing operation the windows were build in on the same day the old windows have been removed. So disruption of the office activities could be limited to a minimum. To avoid dust exposure the interior areas have been provided with dust protection walls.

Redevelopment Driver Administration Bus Depot Munich East

Structural Alteration and Redevelopment

Stadtwerke München GmbH (Municipal Utilities Ltd.)

Planning: 02/2013 - 02/2014
Construction Period: 02/2014 - 09/2014

Gross Floor Area: 253 sqm
Gross Volume: 1500 cbm
Costs: 0,3 mio. EUR

Project Leader:
Bärbel Heitzer