New covered bicycle parking Max-Planck-Institute Martinsried

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Due to the new design of the main entrance of the Max-Planck-Institute of Neurobiology the old bicycle shed has to be removed. The new location is now directly at the parking deck on the site.

The required 105 spaces were realized as prefabricated system, galvanized and powder-coated. The system is very minimalistic and has such a spacious roofing so even bicycles with trailers are fully covered.

The flat roof consists of trapezoidal sheet metal. The storage room is designed according to the same principle with the back and side walls designed in horizontal attached larch wood.

New covered bicycle parking Max-Planck-Institute Martinsried

New Building, Public Space

Client: Max-Planck-Institut München

Planning: 2014

Construction Time: 2014

Costs: 117.000 EUR

Project Leader:
 Franziska Koch