Facade renovation at two residential buildings in Martinsried

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In 2011, the first refurbishment measures consisted in the replacement of all windows in two residential buildings including kindergarten of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried. As a continuation, the facades were completely renovated in terms of energy efficiency.

Most of the existing facade claddings of the buildings Xa and Xb dated back to the original construction period around 1970 and showed a very low thermal insulation standard. Therefore, the existing thermal insulation with a fibre cement cladding was removed and replaced by a thermal insulation composite system with mineral insulation and thick plaster plus a new colour concept. The fair-faced concrete elements were upgraded, painted, and the attic covering was renewed. In addition to the energy efficiency reconstruction, further small-scale measures were implemented for improving the buildings' structural standard.

During the reconstruction works, the tenants continued living in the buildings.

Facade renovation at two residential buildings in Martinsried

Max Planck Society, Munich

Planning period: 2015
Construction period: 2015 – 2016
Cost of construction: approx. €1.0 million

Project manager:
Wolfram Kottmeier
Colour concept: Jean-Baptiste Hurstel