Renovation of a Residential Building

KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7713_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7721_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7731_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7737_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7765_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7749_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7758_w.jpg

In 1964 on the institute area of the Max-Planck's institute of psychiatry in München-Schwabing the residential building Kräpelinstrasse 12 was completely redeveloped. The house exists of 16 flats, 4 flats floor, a pergola front in the north and a balcony front in the south. The northern pergola facades as well as the southern balcony facades were renewed completely. The lime roof structure was broken off and substituted with a flat roof construction corresponding to the today's demands with extensive roof planting of grass. Also the interiors of the flat, from the ground about sanitation to electric were completely modernised. There has originated a modern residential building with the visible charm of the architecture of the 1960s.

Renovation of a Residential Building

Client: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Planning: 2015 - 2016

Construction: 2017

Costs: approx. 1.5 Mio. €

Project Leading: Peter Helsper, Stefanie Klüpfel