Refurbishment of a residential building in Kraepelinstrasse

KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7713_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7721_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7731_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7737_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7765_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7749_w.jpg KRAE12_180112_KOA_mpg_E0A7758_w.jpg

The residential building in Kraepelinstraße 12, built in 1964 on the premises of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich's district Schwabing,was completely refurbished. The building is a 5-storey solid structure with access balconies on the north side and a balcony facade on the south side. The building comprises 16 apartments, 4 apartments per floor. Both the northern facade with the access balconies and the southern balcony facade were completely renovated. The lime roof structure was demolished and replaced by a flat roof construction which meets today's requirements and is extensively planted. Moreover, the apartments' interiors were completely modernised, starting from the flooring to sanitary and electrical installations. The result is a modern residential building with the visible architectural appeal of the 1960s.

Refurbishment of a residential building in Kraepelinstrasse

Max Planck Society, Munich

Planning period: 09/2015 – 05/2016
Construction period: 01/2017 – 01/2018
Cost of construction: approx. €2.4 million

Project manager:
Stefanie Klüpfel
Planning: Martina Pontoni