Modernization of an Auditorium at Max-Planck-Institut of Psychiatry

HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7365_w.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7354_w.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7403_W.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7415_w.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7422_w.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7377_w.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7412_w.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7456_w.jpg HOER_171124_KOA_mpg_E0A7408_w.jpg

In the 2-storey area of the institute building of Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry an auditorium with entrance hall lays beside a library and a discussion space. The whole area of Auditorium with entrance has been modernised. The carpeted floor layer was exchanged for parquet. To improve the acoustics, the ceiling cover was upgraded. Also the wall coatings were renewed. To be able to produce different lighting situations, the lighting was completely replaced in the auditorium as well as in the entrance hall. The seats of the auditorium were provided with new upholstery and were equipped with ground tanks. A better use of the auditorium for events with a small number of participants is achieved by the installation of a variably usable curtain.

Modernization of an Auditorium at Max-Planck-Institut of Psychiatry

Client: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Planning: 2017

Construction: 2017

Project leading: Peter Helsper, Rositsa Valkova